Contact the Basilica of Avioth

Many people are there to make the Basilica of Avioth a living place; Hence, finding the right contact to reach the Basilica is sometimes difficult. Here are the main references and addresses that will allow you to have a quick answer for any question or request.

The parish and its priest

The Basilica of Our Lady of Avioth is attached to the parish ‘Notre-Dame du Pays de Montmédy’, whose main place of worship is the Church of St. Bernard de Montmédy. Hence, Avioth and Montmédy have the same parish priest, Daniel Vannesson. He can be reached in case of questions relating to worship and religious events.

Masses are celebrated in Avioth every second Sunday of the month. You can ask for exceptional masses, or special prayer intentions during the regular masses.

Logo of the parish of Our Lady of the Land of Montmédy, to which is attached the Basilica of Avioth.

Paroisse N.-D. du Pays de Montmédy

Presbytery of Montmédy
8 Rue Ernest Mabille
55600 Montmédy

Phone : 00 33 3 29 80 10 48

The Basilica Committee

The Committee is directly linked to worship matters related to the basilica. From day to day, it cares about pastoral events and community life. The Committee is especially handling:

Logo of the pastoral committee in the management of the Basilica of Avioth.

Avioth Basilica Committee

Former presbytery of Avioth
5 rue de l’Abbé Delhôtel
55600 Avioth

Phone : 00 33 3 29 86 77 61

The Anim’Avioth Association

The Anim’Avioth association is a secular voluntary organization dedicated to the heritage of the village of Avioth. In particular, it is responsible for:

Logo of the volunteer association Anim'Avioth, a contact association that deals with activities around the basilica and the village of Avioth.

Association Anim’Avioth

Avioth mayoral house
12 rue de l’Abbé Delhôtel
55600 Avioth

Phone : 00 33 7 86 02 72 38

The Heritage Foundation

The French Heritage Foundation (‘Fondation du Patrimoine‘) is the responsible for the Basilica of Avioth as a historical monument. It supports:

  • restoration campaigns (currently, spans 2 and 3 of the basilica nave);
  • archaeology and conservation of the monument.
Logo of the Heritage Foundation, contact that deals with the conservation and restoration of the Basilica of Avioth.

French Heritage Foundation

153 bis Avenue Charles de Gaulle
92200 Neuilly Sur Seine

Phone: 00 33 1 70 48 48 00