Adoration Night 2020 in Avioth

For the third year, the Basilica of Avioth welcomes for an Adoration Night, a vigil that will last from June 13 to 14. At any time during the night, you will be able to worship the Holy Sacrament within the church, while singing and hearing to inspiring texts. Be most welcome!

Practical information

This privileged moment to meet the Lord Himself will take place:

  • starting at 9pm on Saturday, June 13,
  • until 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 14. A Sunday mass will directly follow.

During the Adoration Night in Avioth, you are welcome at any hour (yes, even 4a.m.!), for a long or short time. From time to time, people will support this warm spiritual encounter with some animation: singing, prayers, or inspiring texts. This is a proposal, aiming to support awakening rather than distracting you: worship remains a personal attitude, an total surrender to the All-Loving.

The fruit of true worship

The fruit of true worship is to welcome the mission of the disciples to the heart of the world. Thus, when Jesus gathered his disciples around him, it was to « live in his presence », « rebuild their strength » and « give them a fresh start » in their mission as disciples.

The Church, and the whole world, need those who freely accept Love that transfigures them. « We will be like Him because we will see him as He is. » This is our life as resurrected beings… and it starts today.

 A Love awaits us

The mystery of the Holy Sacrament

Have you just discovered the Adoration of the Holy Sacrament? Or do you want to dig deeper into that mystery? In any case, we recommend this article about 24 Reasons for Spending a Holy Hour before the Blessed Sacrament. Come and be transfigured!

And if you prefer teaching to reading, we also recommend this podcast.. Father Josh (Ascension Press) puts forth some simple guidelines you can use to help you improve your relationship with God through Adoration.

« What Do We Do in Adoration? » a teaching by Father Josh Johnson.

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